Freedom of Speech-Apply it Both Ways

We have faced the enemy, and they are us.

We have faced the enemy, and they are us.

Freedom of speech must be applied to both liberals and conservatives fairly. So says The Old White Guy.

My last post showing a quote from a 2010 protest in Morgan Hill, California received some criticism because of the age of the post and the fact the school system eventually allowed shirts with flags. But all you have to do is look at the headlines to see that the same things are going on everyday. I quote an article from the Washington Times. “A new “challenge” in support of a wanted Georgia college student and New Black Panther Party member encourages individuals to desecrate the U.S. flag. (Which by the way is unfortunately legal under the Constitution)

His call gathers followers, like: “Erika Walker, caught on a now-viral video dancing on the U.S. flag while yelling “[expletive] your flag,” education watchdog Campus Reform reported.” I’m sorry, Erika. As long as you live within this country’s borders, it’s your flag, too.

The sad thing about this is that liberals are lauding the protesters who frequently stomp on the flag at Trump rallies. Yet at the same time, criticize Trump supporters for voicing their outrage. People have died bravely, so idiots like these can stick their fingers in the air and slander our flag and our country.

Those educators who fail students who write term papers based on their personal beliefs, solely because the paper is not in line with the educator’s belief are depriving those students of their first amendment rights. (No names revealed) Liberal media, liberal educators, and liberal politicians encourage the fires of discontent raging in our country.

The irony is that our police guard these yoyo’s from harm, while being cursed, taunted, and, pelted with rocks. I grew up during the time of Woodstock and the Vietnam War. I saw the chaos of the 1968 Democratic Convention. You would think Americans would learn by now public rioting and violence does nothing except cause more chaos and rioting.

This coming election will determine the course of 21st Century America. Let us persuade each other through intellectual reasoning, not ignorant ranting. And pray that our faithful policeman and women show up when you call, and act in your defense, instead of not acting for fear of lawsuits. Just saying.

The Declaration of Independence/the American Flag are racist?

We have faced the enemy, and they are us.

We have faced the enemy, and they are us.

It seems the world has turned upside down. Young people today are being fed a re-engineered view of history by racist people who call others the same. Even with a Black President in the White House, the blame is still placed on old white guys.

Our colleges and our legislators seem to have forgotten the Civil War and the thousands of white men who died to free the slaves. Or the World Wars fought under the American flag so these yoyos could have the right to say stupid things.

In 2010 at Cinco de Mayo, Mexican students allegedly threatened violence because of shirts with Old Glory on them. School officials, consequently, suspended the right of other students to wear those shirts. Political correctness at its worst. “What’s wrong with these white people holding up American flags in Morgan hill??? Racist a–holes,” Gia Lee wrote.
Really, are the Morgan Hill Hispanics, not American citizens? Did no one from that area fight and die for this country. The American way of life should not be disrespected like this. Who is the racist? Why did the school system cave in to the pressure?
The situation in our country has deteriorated from there. In the last few days, the Declaration of Independence has come under attack as being racist a well. Louisiana lawmaker Barbara Norton (D-Shreveport), argued that America’s founding document was racist during debate on a bill requiring public school students in the state to recite the Declaration of Independence daily.
“For the Declaration of Independence only Caucasians (were) free,” Norton, who is black, said Wednesday during the debate on the floor of the Louisiana House of Representatives. “And for you to bring a bill to require that our children will recite the Declaration of Independence I think it’s a little bit unfair.”
But aren’t black children in America free today? Free because of white men and women who gave their lives and aid during the fight for their freedom. The principles of the Declaration of Independence were worth fighting for then and now. I’m an old white guy. I say when blacks in political office make the kind of statement she made, she is attacking the sacrifices white people gave, including their lives. That is racist.
Actions like these above bring dishonor to all those who served this country, be they White, Black, Hispanic, American Indian, or Asian American. Shame on you.

A 4-Party Race is Good for America!

We have faced the enemy, and they are us.

We have faced the enemy, and they are us.

I’ve never seen America so worked up about a presidential race. Even in the Ronald Reagan years, the excitement was less. As an amateur political analyst, I’m hoping for chaos and two brokered conventions that leave Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders forming their own parties to run for president. Believe it or not, if neither of them win their party’s nomination, the chances of one of them winning the presidency actually improves.

You think I’m kidding. I’m dead serious. The formula for restructuring the American political system starts here. The Trump people pull from the right. The Sanders’ people pull from the left. The next thing you know, no candidate wins a majority in the Electoral College. If you think you’ve seen it all, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! And yes, I think a 4-Party race is great for America.

As strategist for “the Donald” or “the Bern,” I’d be aiming my campaign toward taking States from the major parties. Each of the two major disruptors this year have a solid number of supporters that will not switch their votes. The undecided voters now will have more than the two yoyo political ideologies to choose from, and how much more Democratic can you get. But both must form a new party. If only one goes, the plan doesn’t work.

As things stand today, I see a minimum of 112 Electoral College votes and 15 states that would come over to either the Trump or Sanders side if the voting were held today. That’s conservative. The chances of any candidate obtaining the 270 votes needed to be elected president blows off into thin air. Exciting isn’t it. The American people actually having a say. I’ll put my money on the Electoral College being abolished in 2017, so we can finally have a winner-take-all popular vote determine elections.

Here’s where it gets interesting. In the Senate, the election of the Vice President will take place. It is one vote per Senator. Doubtful either Trump or Sanders’ running mate will win, because one of the major parties will hold at least a plurality. But in the House, the election of the President of the United States will take place, and there California and New York have no more power than Wyoming and Rhode Island because it’s one vote per state. Yikes!!! Theoretically, Bernie Sanders could become president with a Republican Vice President. Or Don Trump could become President with a Democrat as Vice President.

God bless America. Why do I have a weeping flag as my picture? Because it is sad that middle America has been so stepped upon no one speaks for us anymore. Go at it folks. Give us a change all the way around.  Check out my novels at:


Is Love an Emotion or a Choice?

Six years in the writing, this story comes from my heart.

Six years in the writing, this story comes from my heart.

Is love an emotion or a choice? Both-depending on the definition you choose. Lasting love is a choice. Worldly love, like that expressed in Hollywood or in erotica, is an emotion that fades away. The term, “I love you” has lost its meaning in today’s world. It’s tossed around like “How you doin’?” and “See ya later.”

Redeeming Paula-A Love Story? will surprise readers with its bluntness. It’s a man’s search for a reason to believe. It’s a journey for answers, and when he finds those answers, it’s a decision to take action and stand for his beliefs, even if it means giving up his own desires for the love of someone else. A rarity in today’s world.

An empty house, a missing love, no clues. After spending their prom night together, Paula Casey pleads with Mark Schroder to run away with her. She’s terrified of her father, but won’t tell Mark why. If she doesn’t escape now, it will be too late. Mark delays. he doesn’t know how to make that happen. The following day, he comes up with a plan and calls Paula. The number’s disconnected. He drives to her house and finds it empty. His searching leads to dead ends. When he finds her eight years later, will she be worth redeeming?

The best definition I can come up with for this genre is Christian Neo Noir. But whatever religion you are, or if you have none at all, the story has a purpose. Can a human learn to love unselfishly? Can he or she love another unconditionally, regardless of the consequences. Or does it take a divine intervention to make that happen?

Those who know my writing, know I don’t color-coat events. Even though I’m a Christian, I call things as I see them. I can guarantee you there is nothing on the market today quite like Redeeming Paula-A Love Story? This novel will be on Kindle by January 18, 2016. I will post a link at that time.


Our Favorite Places

In Europe 2014

In Europe 2014

Pam and I have been blest by having the opportunity to travel. Some of the places we’ve gone were because of our love for NASCAR. Some because I won sales trips with Wolters Search Group. Others were due to our love of beautiful places. I’ll show you our favorite places.

Through my company, we’ve gone to the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Mexico more times than I care to remember. Three of our favorite places were: Atlantis in the Bahamas where we petted Dolphins and

We both petted dolphins

We both petted dolphins

enjoyed the gorgeous beaches and seeing Michael Jackson’s $150,000 a night penthouse, seen in this picture as the arch in the middle of the two hotel towers.

In Puerto Rico, we stayed at the El Conquistador, an all-inclusive trip that had us hiking in the rainforest and buying expensive items in the San Juan Fort District

A lot of heaven

A lot of heaven

shops.  These two topped the list. But there was a close runner-up. That was the Frenchman’s  Reef on Saint Thomas. We rented a 39-foot sailboat and sailed

Bluebeard's Castle is a must see.

Bluebeard’s Castle is a must see.

over to St. John’s Island. There are one acre getaways there, where the rich and famous play. Sorry, no pictures of Cancun or Acapulco.

On our NASCAR vacations, we’ve gone to Texas, Kansas City, Richmond, Atlanta, and Las Vegas. Stayed in Williamsburg for a week to re-acquaint ourselves with our history. Next year we’ll go back to Las Vegas, where we have a timeshare, and Phoenix to see the races. We also took a Caribbean cruise with Sterling Marlin and his crew with stops in the Keys and the Yucatán.

My personal favorite was the Viking Cruise up the Danube from Budapest to Passau

Johann Strauss, The Waltz King

Johann Strauss, The Waltz King

last November for our 50th anniversary. Of the many famous capitals we visited, none compares to Vienna. We could have stayed there a week.

Another place we’ve put on our favorites’ list is the Pacific Northwest. We’ve made three treks there. Our recommendations are: Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic Mountains, Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island, and a glacier hike on Rainer.

The ideas I get for novels come from quiet times in beautiful places. Check out my latest novel at: Yellowstone-A Fall from Grace

My Survival Thriller Is Out!

Catastrophe is coming. It's not if. It's when.

Catastrophe is coming. It’s not if. It’s when.

Yellowstone-A Fall From Grace has been released on Amazon, Kindle, and Create Space. Yellowstone erupts every 600,000 years.That time passed years ago. The United States government isn’t prepared for this disaster or any other–natural or terrorist. When catastrophe occurs, preppers and survival groups with a year’s supply of the necessities live longer than most. Common citizens die by the millions, but not before suffering in a kill-or-be-killed world.

When an ash layer from 100 foot to 10 foot deep spreads up to 1,000 miles from the volcano, leaving ten of our states completely uninhabitable, Mary Kenton, an American Indian, and her survivalist husband, B.K., flee with their friends to their encampment, equipped to wait out the carnage, and emerge to help restore what is left of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the Southern States of America. The danger they face comes from former neighbors, looters, rapists, and migrants fleeing starvation. America’s enemies launch terrorist attacks and form mobs bent on taking control of what’s left of the United States, the world’s largest nuclear power.

Impossible? Think again!  It’s not if. It’s when.

Amazon link:

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Yellowstone-We’re not prepared!

The Next Threat to America

The Next Threat to America

The America I see today isn’t the America I was born into. We are not prepared for any emergency. Sadly, my generation was a part of its downfall. Isis radicals give no quarter to the beliefs of others. They are terrorists who offer you these choices: Convert to radical Islam, pay us a tribute to stay, leave, or be beheaded. They commit themselves to their brand of religion. The America of my father’s would have gone to war to the death to defeat this radical ideology.

Americans of today are ostriches, heads in the sand and no stomach to fight against tyranny. Now consider an America crippled by the Yellowstone Volcano, the failure of our infrastructure, and the breakdown of moral authority. Isis, and other enemies, will leap to deal the final blow. Imagine early in the morning, a terrorist, who crossed the border from Canada without being checked, slips into what is left of the Wall Street District and explodes a dirty bomb. Another walks down Pennsylvania Avenue and explodes another bomb. American leadership and financial prowess disappears in seconds and the world mourns over the fall of the greatest country on the face of the earth.

The sad part is the Yellowstone Volcano isn’t the culprit, our lack of preparedness is. A strong nation with strong principles can survive even a catastrophe like Yellowstone. A strong nation, like America was in World War II, would rise from the ashes and become even stronger. But that nation of the 1940’s believed in God. That nation united around a single purpose. To destroy evil empires and Fascists. I see no will to stand up for our beliefs today. I see no unified beliefs to defend. If our government had some, we would not be bickering ourselves into inaction, as we are today.

Sadly, an event such as the eruption of the Yellowstone Volcano will bring America down if we do not change as a people now. Divided we do fall. Fix the infrastructure, Today! Decide what America stands for. Be as passionate about preserving the American way of life, as Isis is about establishing theirs. Or Yellowstone or not, America will fall under the weight of division, greed, and moral decline. We don’t need a Yellowstone to destroy us.

Look for my new novel about the Yellowstone eruption coming out in the Fall of 2015, and pray you are still around to read it..

Enemies Surrounding Israel

Is the enemy of my enemy really my friend?

Is the enemy of my enemy really my friend?

Many enemies surround Israel today. All seeking its elimination. Remember Yasser Arafat. He was the leader of Fatah, the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s most popular party in his time. Since his death, Fatah and the PLO’s powers have weakened a bit under President Abbas.

The more militant group, Hamas gained popularity and control over Gaza.  Hamas accuses the PLO and Fatah of influencing the establishment of the blockade of Gaza. As much as the West feared Arafat and the PLO initially, they are moderate compared to Hamas and wished for a Palestinian State rather than the total destruction of Israel.

Hamas issued a charter in 1988 stating that they were the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine. In it, they call for the establishment of an Islamic State of Palestine to include all the territories of Israel, the destruction of Israel, and the dismantling of the State of Israel. They say they respect all religions. So along as those religions do not interfere with Hamas’s efforts to destroy Israel. They believe they are The Truth and Israel is The Liar. The conflict is irreconcilable save through Jihad and the elimination of the Jew.

Hamas created another enemy in Hezbollah when opposed Abbas. Hezbollah viewed them as untrustworthy. So when Hamas asked Hezbollah for help against Israel, Hezbollah refused. Hezbollah has the same goals as Hamas. They want the destruction of Israel and believe in the concept of defensive Jihad to achieve this. But Hezbollah is a Shia group in Lebanon formed during the Syrian occupation of Lebanon and the subsequent Israeli occupation from the Syrian War of 1967 through the Oslo accords in 2000.

Hezbollah takes its lead from Iran. Remember, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria are predominately Shia. Hezbollah believes Hamas betrayed Abbas and the PLO by not supporting Abbas’s efforts for a united Palestine and then taking control over Gaza. So Hezbollah does not support Hamas now. If they did, Israel would be in deeper trouble than it is. The fact is: Had Hamas been a Shia led movement. Hezbollah would be firing missiles from the Lebanese side of the border into Israel today.

For Israel’s part, they understand that any agreement with Hamas or with Hezbollah can not be made, since the purpose of their existence is Israel’s complete destruction.

Next time, I’ll cover the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Their purpose and their strength.

Islam – A Study in Conflict

Is the enemy of my enemy really my friend?

Is the enemy of my enemy really my friend?

Due to a number of questions I’ve received regarding the Muslim faith, Islam, and all the related factions we hear about in the news. I decided to spend some time blogging about the differences in the names, the aims, and the facts behind them. Islam is a study in conflict from the inception of the religion. The factions within it have fought each other for centuries and threaten the world order more than once.

So what is the difference between a Sunni and a Shiite?or Shia Muslim? Who is Al Qaeda, ISIS or ISIL, The Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, The Alawites, The PLO, and Fatah. I maintain if the government understood the differences, we wouldn’t be making the mistakes we are in the Middle East and the Persian countries today.

I’ll cover the factions in play in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria, Gaza, and the West Bank. I guarantee the Muslims know much more about Christianity than we know about them. A fun ride? Yes!

So for the first issue, Sunni versus Shia Muslims

Where do they live?

Shia are the majority in Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, and Lebanon. They number close to 300 million and can be found in all Muslim countries. Sunni are the majority in all others Muslim nations and number over 1.2 billion.

Why are they at odds with one another?

After the death of Muhammad, a split occurred over a successor to the Prophet, much like who would be the true Pope in Catholicism. The Shia believe a cousin of Muhammad was appointed to succeed the Prophet. They believe the revelation of the Prophet continues through the 12 Imams descending from Muhammad, the Twelfth of which is to reveal himself in the last days, and Jesus, called Isa, will come back confirming what the Twelfth Imam says.

The Sunni reject this notion and believe Divine revelation ended after the fourth Caliph, Ali bin Abi Talib. The end of his Caliphate divided Muslim unity. Shia looked to the Imams whose lineage comes from Ali and Fatimah, Muhammad’s daughter, and Sunni do not. Other differences include the adoption of the muta, or temporary wife, by Shia Muslims. Where Sunni reject the concept.

Further, Sunni believe the al Mahdi will become a Caliph in the last days. He will destroy the Jews, and Jesus will come with him to destroy the Antichrist. But this al Mahdi will not necessarily be a direct descendant of Muhammad. Shia give more power to al Mahdi. He is the Twelfth Imam who will do what the Sunni’s believe and more, killing the Antichrist and even Satan, as some Shia sects believe. Before Christians criticize this, and I am a Christian, we believe at the end of the world Christ will come back and destroy Antichrist and the armies at Armageddon and rule the world from Jerusalem. There is a common end-time thread, but the players are radically different.

You can see why ISIS is attempting to establish a Caliphate. ISIS is Sunni. You can understand why countries like Iran and Iraq are led by Imams. They wait for the hidden one. The Twelfth Imam, al-Mahdi who will convert the world to Islam. Both Sunni Isis and Shia Iran wish to maintain a government led by Sharia Law, as do the Taliban in Afghanistan.

I will let the information speak for itself and give you the next piece of the puzzle tomorrow. What is the history of Islam and Jihad?


Multiculturalism – America’s Downfall

Writing on the Wild Side, Great writers inspire thought. Good writers tell interesting stories

Writing on the Wild Side, Great writers inspire thought. Good writers tell interesting stories.

Our founding father’s pictured a United States as a Christian, basically English in descent, republic. After all, we fought the French and the Spanish to keep them from taking our land. Then, we suppressed the Indian culture, to keep it from influencing ours, an exclusionary view of society at best. Multiculturalism had no place.

When our country struggled for workers in industrial plants and coal mines, the Europeans came. First the Irish, then the Italians, and finally the Central Europeans. They were white. They were Christian. They fit in.

Slaves who came to America never fit in. They still don’t. Their entrance was involuntary. To this day, they exclude themselves and are excluded from assimilation into the former American culture. They developed the first major culture separate from white European Christians. Asians from China and Japan never assimilated either. In World War II, the US violated its own constitution and placed thousands of Japanese in concentration camps. The United States rules, laws, and system of justice work in white, Christian societies, not multicultural ones.

Multicultural societies ooze rebellion, discord, and lawlessness. Here in the United States both the radical right and the radical left attempt to subvert the 1st Amendment. One side holding on to the mono-cultural past. The other forcing multicultural issues relentlessly down the throats of the dwindling majority of Americans.

Genesis 11, The Tower of Babel, defines God’s attitude toward multiculturalism and a common language. “Behold they are one people, and they all have the same language. And this is what they began to do, and now nothing which they purpose will be impossible for them.”

With the computer and multiculturalism, Mankind will grow technically beyond its ability to handle the power it has and destroy itself with quarreling and hatred. So God said, “Come let us go down and there confuse their language, so they will not understand one another’s speech. So the Lord scattered them abroad from there over the face of the whole earth and they stopped building the city.”

The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting …

In a multicultural society, which groups religious belief freedom of speech, or constitutional rights do we protect when they are opposed to each other? A question for my next post.

A Covenant with Death, the Third Book of the Peacock Trilogy will be released in May. The book deals with what happens when a mono-cultural society is imposed upon the world.

Note: A writer’s job is to stimulate thought. I am presenting the facts about America’s situation today, not taking sides on the issue.