Growing Old in Scary America

Scary America, sad to say I can’t leave my front door or my car unlocked in Tulsa, Oklahoma today like I could 30 years ago. I read an article telling how a 89-year-old white World War II veteran was beaten to death by two black teens in Spokane, Washington, and I got mad. Just as I did when I heard of the Duncan, Oklahoma incident where two black and one white teen killed a jogger because the teens were bored. Rarely are the people who commit these crimes accused of a hate crime.

I was surprised to learn that a Hispanic teen is 19 times more likely to be in a gang than a white teen. Blacks are 15 times more likely, and Asians 9 times more likely. Black on Black crime runs rampant in major cities. But Black on White crime far surpasses it  The crime rate for Blacks against Whites is 9 times the rate for Whites against Blacks. So you can understand why I a bit angry that Whites don’t protest these injustices like Blacks did in the Taryvon Martin Case.

How would an alien from another planet assess the condition of race relations in America, free of the emotions, and looking only at people’s actions toward one another? My Black friends are saddened by the chaos in their community, but most look for a way out, rather than staying to help.

I don’t blame them. That’s what I did in 1966, when I graduated from college and moved to Garfield Heights, Ohio rather than staying in inner-city Cleveland. If we take at critical look at the relationship between most Blacks and Whites today, it’s far better than in the 60’s. Interracial marriage is common today. Most white teenagers admire Black entertainers and athletes. Black politicians have strong white followings based on his or her principles and moral standards, rather than the color of their skin.

BUT! With opportunities abounding in America today, gangs, drugs, violence, and fear rule within the Black community today. I fear the problem must be tackled by that community. Please comment by replying on my Purpose Page..

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