A Covenant with Death – Free on Amazon July 13-17

Spiritual Warfare gets Ugly.

Spiritual Warfare gets Ugly.l

A Covenant with Death-The Peacock Trilogy Book 3 will be free on Amazon Kindle between July 13th and July 17th. If I’ve done my job correctly, you won’t have to have read the first two books to understand this one, but you’ll race to read them once you’re into it. Please write a review after reading. Reviews are important for authors to continue improving and to hear about what they do well.

The Tension: Twenty-five years in the future, at the height of its power, the Global Realm collapses from within, leaving Peacock captured by the enemy and Arthur Pendleton unable to regain the power he once held. Only a miracle can save the Earth, and none is in sight. The Pendleton children make a final stand in hopes of buying time to evacuate as many of the faithful to Mars before their enemies assume total control.

Novelist: Bill Wetterman has five published thrillers. The Fifth Step, Room 1515 – The Peacock Trilogy – Book 1, Madness – The Peacock Trilogy-Book 2, and Busted – The Odyssey of Holly Bunn – The Literary Murders. He has one non-fiction work. So You Want To Be A Published Author.

Award Winning Author: Winner of the Mystery, Suspense, Thriller Competition OWFI 2011 Top 10 in the Writers’ Digest Genre Fiction Contest 2011 (Over 11,000 entries) 2nd in the Armchair Interviews Thanksgiving Day Competition 2010 Writers’ Digest 5-Star review: Madness – The Peacock Trilogy-Book 2 Bill is a member of the Oklahoma Federation of Writers, The Lexicon Writers, and the Tulsa Nightwriters.

Teacher and Lecturer: While hard at work writing thrillers, Bill Wetterman finds time to give back to the community by speaking to groups interested in understanding the mind of a writer. Bill’s shares his experience on how he constructs novels and short stories. He can speak on a variety of topics, including: *Writing dynamic thrillers *Character development *Researching and Outlining Your Novel. *The Biggest Mistakes New Authors Make. *So You Want To Be A Published Author, and others.

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