A Covenant with Death

Spiritual Warfare gets Ugly.

Spiritual Warfare gets Ugly.

A Covenant with Death–The Peacock Trilogy Book 3 reveals the world in the late 21st Century. This Christian dystopian novel finds First Citizen Arthur Pendleton losing the skills that created the Global Realm. His wife, Laverna, aka Peacock, struggles with short-term memory loss due a brain cancer. The enemies of Pendleton created a plan to take control of the Global Realm and a computer capable of running it. The Realm’s salvation needs an intervention by God. None seems forthcoming.

Writing edgy, Christian-concept fiction taxes me on every page. The world’s ugliness invades and muddies the actions of Christian characters, just as it does in the real world. The battle against the sins of the flesh often take the characters on unexpected turns and twists. The only truly good character in my novels is God.

A Covenant with Death–The Peacock Trilogy Book 3 now may be purchased on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle Editions. Published by Wild Side Novels. Novels that stimulate thought. Or you can purchase the paperback on Create Space direct.

Here is the Kindle Link.  http://amzn.to/1FYcLg0


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