Al Qaeda and The Taliban

Is the enemy of my enemy really my friend?

Is the enemy of my enemy really my friend?

When considering the issues facing the U.S. today, it is necessary to take a strong look at the Sunni majority in Islam and the relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia, the major Sunni country. Both Al Qaeda and the Taliban are two entirely different organizations Sunni organizations. Let’s look at Al Qaeda first.

The Al Qaeda terrorist organization formed¬†sometime between 1988 and 1990 by Osama Bin Laden and Mohammed Atef. Osama Bin Laden is a Saudi and Atef an Egyptian. Since then, Al Qaeda has grown into a worldwide terrorist organization. They follow the teachings of Egyptian born Sayyad Quib, who advocated offensive jihad.¬†Al Qaeda is responsible for 4 major attacks against America, including the bomb attack in Aden, Yemen in 1992, the World Trade Center attack and the US Embassy attack in East Africa in the late 1990’s, as well as the 911 attacks. After which, both bin Laden and Atef show up in Afghanistan.

An interesting note to this is that the 911 hijackers are suspected of having Saudi money supplied to them before the 911 attack. Our government supports both Egypt and Saudi Arabia. But movements inside those countries do supply money to our enemies. Money which indirectly comes from vast oil profits paid by U.S. companies.

Why did Bin Laden and Atef go to Afghanistan? Because Al Qaeda and the Taliban hold to similar ideologies. Large terrorist training camps are there and the area is perfect to disappear into without a trace. The Taliban formed in the mid-1990’s and gained notice by capturing Kandahar in 1994. They later went on to capture Kabul and impose Sharia Law and Pashtun Legal Codes.

The Taliban are supported by the Sunni terrorist groups in neighboring Pakistan hence the ease with which Bin Laden could move about and cross the border even with U.S. military forces surrounding the Taliban encampments. The Taliban wish to rule Afghanistan. They are headed by Mullah Muhammad Omar and have no political organization. They enforce Sharia Law violently and intend to rule their country and subdue the old tribal leaders who have been known for their own brand of terrorism.

Al Qaeda today is a loose knit organization of terrorist groups. Their philosophy is bent on offensive spread of Islam. So I ask you before discussing Syria, Iraq, Iran, and ISIS or ISIL, what Muslim country today is a friend of the United States?, What Muslim country will attack ISIS with determination and partner with us? But those are subjects for next time.



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  1. Some may stand with us temporarily against a common enemy. There is an Arabic expression that goes like this: “My brother and I against my cousin. My cousin and I against the world.”

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