An Interview with Renee Allen

Today let’s welcome Renee A. author, reviewer, contributing writer for The Examiner and all around great person.  I met Renee at the LexiCon Writers Conference in July of this year and we hit it off immediately.  I’m in the middle of reading Dysfunctional Beginnings  and quite intrigued so far.

Renee, please take a moment and describe your genre to our readers.

I enjoy writing sensually and somewhat graphical material. Therefore urban fiction is my genre of choice.  When I am reading a book nothing is more disappointing to me than to know that an author could have as they say “went there” but shut down their creative juices  in order to appease an audience that didn’t ask them to. My two books called: Dysfunctional Beginnings and I Let All Of Them Come Inside Me are “in your face” stories written for shear entertainment and enjoyment.

Additionally I love writing in the self-help genre, writing relationship and motivational chapbooks.

We all reflect our internal persona in our writing and ficitionalize parts of ourselves. How much of your writing is personal and how much is based on the experience of others that affected you?

Funny you should ask that question, because at least ten percent of my novel could be considered personal because my main character Taylor in Dysfunctional Beginnings reflects some of my weaknesses and strengths. Both of us share an independent spirit and strong will to endure no matter the circumstances. About five percent of the story is based on people whose paths crossed mine on my life’s journey.  The remainder of the story is strictly fictional with a very strong storyline.

Wet the reader’s appetite. Pitch your novel to us.

Both stories, Dysfunctional Beginnings and I Let All Of Them Come Inside Me are meaty stories.


At some point we’ve all entertained dark thoughts that might shame us in the light of day. Taylor’s dad, Clint, finds that out the hard way when he crosses an unforgivable line. His wife Delores criticizes him for what he’s done, but a finger’s pointing at her too.

Taylor an innocent child is caught up in the middle of their chaos. As a teen Taylor has to move in with her aunt Delores, who hates her with a passion.  While living there each day is scarier than the one before. Unscrupulous characters are running rampant around the house. Seeking refuge from a false sense of security Taylor finds comfort in the arms of Bobby a regular that hangs out around there. But the relationship ends before it really begins. The love she had for him leaves her heart twisting in the wind. She leaves town to get Bobby out of her head and ends up mixing it up with Mitch, a man that’s brilliant at satisfying the flesh. But a twisted fantasy tears them apart. On the rebound again she becomes the perfect candidate for the insanity a guy name Victor has in store for her.  He shakes her world up so bad that she wants to kill him, but is afraid to do the time. Left with nothing after paying the piper of love she waves the white flag of surrender. But she’s one of loves favorite customers and it wants her to open just one more account. But she feels depleted of the effort it takes to start afresh.  Void of the will to subside a deep depression building up inside her she begins to contemplate the unthinkable. She finds herself pondering rather a dysfunctional beginning, should dictate her ending!


A series of  very interesting short stories  written specifically for readers that like to read  true to life scenarios.  There’s a lion’s share of pain, deceit, love, adultery, addictions, inspiration and so much more.  Each story was written to peak the readers attention so they’ll hopefully anticipate my future books.

Your profile indicates you are a reviewer for Inform us about this site and your role in it. is a popular online reviewing site for music, books, etc. My role is to read authors’ books then write a review of them by giving an honest assessment of the books and appreciating the author’s hard work and creativity.

What writers have influenced your writing?

Authors that have had a major influence on my writing are :  J. California Cooper , Imani True and Zane.

How far along is your short story book called Crossing Love’s Line from being published and what else can our readers expect from Renee A. in the future?

I decided to change the title of my next novel from Crossing Love’s Line to All Kitty’s Ain’t Pretty. It’s a book that is very compelling and written to help raise the awareness of STD’s and AIDS. This is a book that I know will touch the hearts of everyone that reads it.  This book is scheduled for publication in January.

What advice do you have for someone thinking about embarking on a writing career?

My advice to someone embarking on a writing career is absolutely go wholeheartedly after your dream. Don’t treat it like a hobby. There will be naysayers all over the place. Don’t try to prove points to them. You are the captain of your ship. The minute you surrender that stern you weaken your power. Say no and mean it when it comes to dream stealers. Remain humble. Don’t become big headed. Find a mentor to help you get through those days when you feel like you can’t write another  word. And finally remember that someone believed in you. Return the favor.

Thank you so much for sharing with us Renee. I’m looking forward to reading your future work.

Bill I am truly grateful for your generosity.  Please accept my gratitude. May success be yours, you’ve certainly earned it.

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