Book Reviews are Critical

Write with passion

Write with passion

Another conference another learning experience. Book reviews are critical, but I didn’t realize how critical. At William Bernhardt’s Rose State Writer’s Short Course, an agent made the statement, “You need at least 25 5-Star reviews in order to grab the attention of readers searching for a good read. Book reviews are critical to sales.

I’ve always believed in honest reviews, so I’m not asking for a 5 Star review unless you mean it. But I want honest reviews and a lot of them. So here is what I’m proposing. If you are willing to buy any one of my Kindle books for $3.99 and review it on Amazon and Goodreads. I will buy your e-book and review it as well. Sales will boost Amazon rankings.

Yes. I know it may take a year if a lot of you take me up on this, but it is worth it to me and to you. As I review my checklist of things to do to attract readers, the only other change I’m doing is in my keyword description on Amazon. Presently, I use keywords like: thriller, psycho-thriller, political, and the like. I’m changing this to Harlan Coben, Stieg Larrson, David Balducci, etcetera. Those key words will boost my exposure in the market.

Here is a key piece of information for you. You’ve seen the books that show up beneath a book you’re looking to buy. Amazon bases those book recommendations on author keywords. If you wish to have me do a review swap with you, contact me at A caution. I give only honest reviews. If I don’t think I can rate a novel a 3-Star of better, I send it back with regrets and comments.

Also, to understand what’s happening in the Middle East and Iraq, read my last six blog entries. Write with a passion.

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