Ebola-Can You Trust the CDC?

Writing on the Wild Side

Writing on the Wild Side

I’m amazed at the lack of foresight our government has about protecting our nation. Hell, we can’t even keep a terrorist from getting into the White House. We are being told Ebola isn’t a major problem. The head of the CDC stated, “We can contain and control an Ebola outbreak.” But, can you trust the CDC? Viruses have a history of mutating.

As of today, a virus that is related to the Polio virus is infecting children in 44 states, and some are developing paralysis. The fact isĀ We Don’t Know. Viruses are tricky, and they don’t go away. They lie dormant until they evolve into a more potent strain.

I ask a basic question. Why are we not holding individuals in quarantine who come here from countries where Ebola is an epidemic. The last I heard. 80 people are under observation in Dallas. All the talk about containment and our superior health system crumbles when the victim reports his symptoms and is sent home. Duh? Confidence destroyed in an instant.Can you trust the CDC? Are they right, or are they doing panic control.

As a Christian, I know The End Times are at the door. I’m not comfortable about going the heaven before my time. You shouldn’t be either. I’m posting a link to an article you need to read. The government needs to act at our borders, and act now.

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