ISIS versus the Shia

Is the enemy of my enemy really my friend?

Is the enemy of my enemy really my friend?

Make no mistake. The secondary object of ISIS–destroy the power of the Shia. A quick review, Shia majorities are in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen. ISIS claims rights to Iraq and the Levant where four of these nations exist. Assad’s regime is a Shia sect. Iraq’s regime excluded Sunnis from their government after Saddam fell. ISIS boasts Sunni ideology and draws former Saddam military people to it. Money flows in to them from Sunni nations. And remember, all the Islāmic conquests back to the ninth century were led by Sunnis.

Let me make a few points. None of the Islāmic nations support Israel. Most have a goal to destroy them, Shia and Sunni alike. Iran is an example. Why do movements like Al Qaeda and the others also desire to harm the United States? We support Israel. We are a threat to their plans for spreading Islam to the world, and we control the economy that hinders them from succeeding.

For ISIS, defeating their enemies close to them gives them the capabilities to attack their enemies farther away. Once they control Syria and Iraq, they will move to control Medina and Mecca to give themselves credibility as the true leaders of Islam. They will also point to Islāmic End-Time prophecy for validation.

If Islam had won the Battle of Tours or the Battle of Vienna, Europe and possibly the whole Western world would be Muslim today. Why can ISIS and Al Qaeda draw followers from the United States, Britain, and the European Nations? Because Muslims immigrated to England, France, Denmark, Germany, and other countries including the United States and established communities that can be identified and infiltrated.

Many European countries have such large populations of Muslim immigrants, they are losing their own ethnic identity. So when the question is raised, join the United States in fighting in Syria, Iraq, or other places in the world, fear of violence at home has to be taken in to consideration.

When looking at Islam, one must remove all bias on a personal basis. Millions of Muslims live peaceful lives, worship their God, and love the country in which they live. But History says, these Muslims have no voice when extremists rule. Fear overwhelms them. ISIS appeals to every Muslim who feels opposed, detached, and irrelevant where they are. They call them to a cause that promises victory in this life and the next.

Do these groups, Al Qaeda, ISIS, the Taliban, Hamas, and Hezbollah, or these countries, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Chechnya, have a common goal? Yes–The destruction of Israel and all who support her, including the United States.

This concludes my series on Islam.

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