Lexicon-Writers’ Conference Extraordinaire

The Brains-Mitch Haynes



I’ve never been to a conference like Lexicon. All the speakers come for free. They are as talented as any at major conferences. The participants trust each other enough to share their experiences and knowledge without fear of criticism. The teaching sessions concentrate on giving those in attendance new information and the main rule is Leave Your Ego at the Door.

I don’t go to Lexicon to sell books. I go to share what I’ve learned during my writing career with others. During the 3 years I’ve attended, I’ve made lasting friendships, seen authors signed to contracts, and learned valuable information about the ins and outs of the publishing business. I’ve also had a ball. Fun, giveaways, total enjoyment.

All this is the brainchild of Mitch Haynes from Denton, Texas. The idea of a conference where a newbie can mingle with editors, agents, and publishers, as well as successful authors and be treated as an equal is the key to this conferences success.

This year’s Lexicon Conference is over. But I’ll be reminding you during the coming year about the date and the speakers and encouraging you to attend. I guarantee. You won’t be disappointed. .

Key people to check out on Facebook are: David Ciambrone, Author Bill Wetterman, Julie F. Hall, Cl Stegall, Vivian Zabel, Amanda Thrasher, Tim Malott, Rob Anspach, Evelyn M. Byrne, Renee Groskreutz, Jeanette Baird Vaughan, Susan Mary Malone, Rita Mills, Sandy Lawrence, Elizabeth McCormick, Harry Hall, Tracy Kornet, and Michelle Prince, and Tammy Kling. Run your cursor over their name and right click, then click on  Open link in new window to view their Facebook profile.

There contributors are sharing, caring, people who give freely of their time and talent to add to a great experience. Next year lets double the attendance to this conference.

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