Our Government Officials Should Read Thrillers

Tom Clancy wrote about our enemies flying an airplane into the Capitol Building long before 911. Whatever the mind can conceive will eventually be done by someone. It’s only a matter of time and opportunity. Rather than listening to the rantings of analysts and pundits. I suggest they read the likes of Khal Hosseini, Henning Mankell, and Veronica Roth, whose imaginations capture a truth and reality more accurate than the tripe they are being fed.

The passionate novelist with a heart for truth can reveal more about what’s happening in the world than the pundit. American writers can educate the Eastern mind about the Western mind. Iranian writers can educate the Western mind about the Eastern mind. How does a person born in Mashhad, Iran, where patience is measured in centuries, understand a New Yorker whose patience is non-existent. Yet through the beauty of the written word, this is possible.

So I say to the senators, representative, and the cabinet members of our Nation. Read great fiction before advising our president, voting on a bill, or adding an amendment. Maybe we would make better decisions.

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