The Rule of Reason – The Middle East Crisis

#5 in Rank = Issues facing America — The Middle East Crisis

israel_iran_Is War inevidableMy favorite person to quote on The Rule of Reason is Sun Tzu. He tells us to “know our enemy.” The United States does not understand the Middle East, so how can we solve their problems? For that matter, why do we want to? To understand the Middle East, we must understand Ancient History and the migration of tribes and those tribes’ religions. Certainly, we must understand the rift between the Sons of Isaac and Jacob and the Sons of Ishmael and Esau. 

Our diplomats believe democracy will become the new standard in the Middle East, resulting from the Arab Spring. They are wrong. Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and to some extent Pakistan have a proud history. Descendants of the Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persian Empires, they’ve warded off the likes of the Greeks and the Romans. They, themselves, produced the great conqueror Tumor the Lame. Their desire: To restore the greatness of the Ages gone by. These people are of mixed Persian descent and radical Muslim theology. Islam and Democracy are like oil and water. Democracy cannot thrive within it. 

Surrounding Israel, in Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the other Mediterranean nations, are Israel’s half-brothers, the Sons of Ishmael and Esau. Both of these groups and the descendants of the Persians have two common goals—destroy Israel and rule the Holy Lands. While the United States views this area of the world as an Oil Industry cash-cow, these countries view the Middle East as the Motherland of Islam, invaded by their disowned half-brother, Israel. No democracy will rise up here. 

Scripture on End Times tells us Israel will be alone with no allies to defend it. Then Russia, Iran, Libya, Egypt, and their many followers will attack Israel. They will be defeated by God. Israel will be terrified. They will not see God’s hand in this victory. They will make a pact with Antichrist for protection. Today’s Mideast Crisis is a precursor to those events. And where will the United States be in all this? 

If Obama has his way, he’ll throw Israel under the bus in a heartbeat. First, President Obama was caught by an open mic sending a message to Russia’s dictator-in-waiting, Vladimir Putin, to wait quietly till after the November elections, after which President Obama could make concessions on America’s national defense. Putin stepped back into power. Obama was reelected. And things are going swimmingly for the Russians. Second, the dislike between President Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu is widely known. So the idea of Israel with no allies to defend it is not unreasonable. 

The rise of ISIS and their radical theology means to beat them you must have all out war. That’s everything necessary to eradicate the enemy. Obama isn’t willing to do that. Therefore… 

The Middle East is not a crisis American can fix! America should be unwavering in its support of Israel. If we fail to do that, the blessing of God will depart from us. As stated in Genesis 12 and Numbers 24 speaking of Israel, “God will bless those who bless them and curse those who curse them.” One day American will withdraw its support. That’s when I will look to the sky. For the coming of the Day of the Lord will be upon me.

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