The Rule of Reason – Part 8 The Axis of Evil

Me--The last time I checked

Me–The last time I checked

Nuclear cooperation by Axis of Evil powers defy any Rule of Reason. Yet the Conservative News ranks it #3 in problems facing America. Mankind’s technical knowledge far surpasses its ability to live peaceably. I personally doubt Mankind will ever develop that ability. One bi-polar world leader with anger management problems can wipe out the whole world.

So, who are the nations composing this group with potential capabilities for unified nuclear action. When George W. Bush first used the phrase, “Axis of Evil,” he was referring to North Korea, Iraq, and Iran. The latter two have no known nuclear weapons. The idea was that since North Korea had them maybe they would share technology and they all would produce them. Certainly, those nations are dying to do that. We know Iran has the capability to develop the bomb, and regardless of what they say, they are hell-bent on doing that.

Eleven years later, that Axis of Evil has grown tentacles. Iraq is no longer a player. North Korea has a few capable warheads. Iran is close to manufacturing warheads. But new players and distrust are far more worrisome. India and Pakistan are political, territorial, and religious enemies. Both of those countries have over 100 active warheads. I ask you. Do you trust either country? I don’t.

I would think Pakistan would be interested in helping Iran, since they are closer to one another in ideology. Israel has an estimated 80 warheads. More importantly, they’ll use conventional weapon to stop Iranian production, and when they do, they’ll have to face an angry Russia. That puts the U.S. right in the middle.

India could take advantage of the Taliban distracting Pakistan and launch an assault on Kashmir. Then two nuclear powers would be at war with each other.

North Korea is a loose cannon, and even China doesn’t seem to be able to control them. But our estimate is they have only about 12 warheads.

The danger with these rogue nations is that a superpower reacting to a test launch by one them might start World War III. Worse is the real possibility that China, Russia, or the United States could misinterpret a test launch by one of the others for the real thing. Once buttons are pushed, there is no recall system. Of course, the American President has fired up all of these nations, adding to their suspicions about our intentions, but also our will to fight.”

Are you worried yet? You should be. Rent Doctor Strangelove. Eat popcorn. Enjoy.


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