The Rule of Reason – The War on Terror


The Victorious win first then go to war. The Defeated go to war then seek to win.

The Rule of Reason – The War on Terror

Fighting terrorists is as much a war as fighting countries. Our success comes in knowing the enemy better than the enemy knows us. Judge for yourself who is better prepared to fight this war, our enemies or us. To illustrate, I will quote from Sun Tzu, The Art of War, the manual on how to win. Here is a story from 500 B.C.’s Wu Dynasty.

Before hiring Sun Tzu, the King of Wu tested Sun Tzu’s skills by commanding him to train a harem of 180 concubines into soldiers. Sun Tzu divided them into two companies, appointing the two concubines most favored by the king as the company commanders. When Sun Tzu first ordered the concubines to face right, they giggled. Sun Tzu said that the general, in this case himself, was responsible for ensuring that soldiers understood the commands given to them. Then, he reiterated the command, and again the concubines giggled. Sun Tzu then ordered the execution of the king’s two favored concubines, to the king’s protests. He explained that if the general’s soldiers understood their commands but did not obey, it was the fault of the officers. Sun Tzu also said that, once a general was appointed, it was his duty to carry out his mission, even if the king protested. After both concubines were killed, new officers were chosen to replace them. Afterwards, both companies, now well aware of the costs of further frivolity, performed their maneuvers flawlessly.

War is serious. War is inhumane. Therefore, rules of a civilized society, if there is such a thing, must be discarded. When speaking of espionage and terrorist spies, Sun Tzu said, “The enemies spies must be sought out, tempted with bribes, led away and comfortably housed. Thus they will become double-agents that we can acquire and deploy to carry false information to our enemy.” Which camp does a better job of this, the United States or Iran and other terrorist nations? Who has the most traitors?

Speaking of the soldiers, Sun Tzu says, “Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valley. Look upon them as your beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death. However, if you are indulgent, but unable to make your authority felt, kindhearted, but unable to enforce your commands, then your soldiers will be useless for all practical purposes.” The inability to lead stems from lack of respect. This starts at the top. Who has the most loyal followers America or its enemies?

Finally, Sun Tzu believed one does not go to war except to win and with the total will of the people at one’s side. He says, “He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight. He will gain who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces. He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout its ranks. He will win who prepares himself and waits to take the enemy unprepared. He will win who has the military capacity and is not interfered with by his sovereign.” In others words, government must get out of the way.

Fighting terrorists takes national will, long suffering, ruthless execution, and the understanding of your enemy. The side that knows itself and its purpose and has the will to do whatever it takes to win will win. When God wages war He leaves nothing alive, not men, not women, not the animals, nothing that breathes. That is Scriptural. Is our country committed to that attitude?

3 thoughts on “The Rule of Reason – The War on Terror

  1. We are way too politically correct to fight that kind of war anymore. Didn’t Sun Tzu advocate debauching an enemy’s currency as one of the first steps in defeating them?

  2. I vote for castration. It would solve huge problems for Muslim women and daughters. We no longer have the stomach for war. We lost the will in Vietnam, and when we didn’t go in and take care of business in Iraq, it guaranteed the vast numbers of dead and maimed Americans. Afghanistan as well should have been a huge entry with a very big boom. I often think of the Somali pirates when they were kidnapping Americans foolish enough to sail their little boats into those waters. Had we strafed the beaches and a few miles in, the Somali people would have taken care of the pirate problem.

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