Freedom of Speech-Apply it Both Ways

We have faced the enemy, and they are us.

We have faced the enemy, and they are us.

Freedom of speech must be applied to both liberals and conservatives fairly. So says The Old White Guy.

My last post showing a quote from a 2010 protest in Morgan Hill, California received some criticism because of the age of the post and the fact the school system eventually allowed shirts with flags. But all you have to do is look at the headlines to see that the same things are going on everyday. I quote an article from the Washington Times. “A new “challenge” in support of a wanted Georgia college student and New Black Panther Party member encourages individuals to desecrate the U.S. flag. (Which by the way is unfortunately legal under the Constitution)

His call gathers followers, like: “Erika Walker, caught on a now-viral video dancing on the U.S. flag while yelling “[expletive] your flag,” education watchdog Campus Reform reported.” I’m sorry, Erika. As long as you live within this country’s borders, it’s your flag, too.

The sad thing about this is that liberals are lauding the protesters who frequently stomp on the flag at Trump rallies. Yet at the same time, criticize Trump supporters for voicing their outrage. People have died bravely, so idiots like these can stick their fingers in the air and slander our flag and our country.

Those educators who fail students who write term papers based on their personal beliefs, solely because the paper is not in line with the educator’s belief are depriving those students of their first amendment rights. (No names revealed) Liberal media, liberal educators, and liberal politicians encourage the fires of discontent raging in our country.

The irony is that our police guard these yoyo’s from harm, while being cursed, taunted, and, pelted with rocks. I grew up during the time of Woodstock and the Vietnam War. I saw the chaos of the 1968 Democratic Convention. You would think Americans would learn by now public rioting and violence does nothing except cause more chaos and rioting.

This coming election will determine the course of 21st Century America. Let us persuade each other through intellectual reasoning, not ignorant ranting. And pray that our faithful policeman and women show up when you call, and act in your defense, instead of not acting for fear of lawsuits. Just saying.