Is Love an Emotion or a Choice?

Six years in the writing, this story comes from my heart.

Six years in the writing, this story comes from my heart.

Is love an emotion or a choice? Both-depending on the definition you choose. Lasting love is a choice. Worldly love, like that expressed in Hollywood or in erotica, is an emotion that fades away. The term, “I love you” has lost its meaning in today’s world. It’s tossed around like “How you doin’?” and “See ya later.”

Redeeming Paula-A Love Story? will surprise readers with its bluntness. It’s a man’s search for a reason to believe. It’s a journey for answers, and when he finds those answers, it’s a decision to take action and stand for his beliefs, even if it means giving up his own desires for the love of someone else. A rarity in today’s world.

An empty house, a missing love, no clues. After spending their prom night together, Paula Casey pleads with Mark Schroder to run away with her. She’s terrified of her father, but won’t tell Mark why. If she doesn’t escape now, it will be too late. Mark delays. he doesn’t know how to make that happen. The following day, he comes up with a plan and calls Paula. The number’s disconnected. He drives to her house and finds it empty. His searching leads to dead ends. When he finds her eight years later, will she be worth redeeming?

The best definition I can come up with for this genre is Christian Neo Noir. But whatever religion you are, or if you have none at all, the story has a purpose. Can a human learn to love unselfishly? Can he or she love another unconditionally, regardless of the consequences. Or does it take a divine intervention to make that happen?

Those who know my writing, know I don’t color-coat events. Even though I’m a Christian, I call things as I see them. I can guarantee you there is nothing on the market today quite like Redeeming Paula-A Love Story? This novel will be on Kindle by January 18, 2016. I will post a link at that time.


The Fifth Step Free on Kindle January 1 – 5

thefifthstepebook (1)Free on Kindle January 1 – 5. All I ask is an honest review when you are finished.

Wendy Sheets of Julie’s Book Reviews picked The Fifth Step as a Top Five read for 2013.

I was blown away when I read Bill’s novel, The Fifth Step. It was a fascinating read with a lot of twists and turns. I like the way he reminded you that everyone is human, no matter if they are doctors, lawyers or even preachers and evangelist. People put them on pedestals and should not. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more from Bill. 

The Fifth step for AA is a big one . . . “Admitting to GOD, ourselves and another human being, the exact nature of our wrongs” Some just don’t know how big till it affects their own lives. 

Rev Doug Alcott had a wife, five children and a thriving ministry in Ashville, NC. While trying to deal with his brother’s addiction of alcohol we see’s that he has a problem. Not a problem with alcohol but with PORN. Doug soon realizes the mistake he has made, unfortunately it’s a little too late and now the ones he loves is paying for his sin. 

The author takes you into a cabin where 2 women are tortured, beaten and raped for 69 long days. We will see who the stronger women is and how they escape. I read this book in one sitting it was one you cannot put down. Once you start it you are caught up into Missy, Doug and Jasmine’s lives. We see how the Fifth step is a big step and many of us need to take in our daily lives.

The Fifth Step – A Wild Side Novel in Prime Channel Distribution

thefifthstepebook (1)Now The Fifth Step, a Wild Side Novel, is being shipped to major online ebook retailers through the Smashwords Premium Catalog. Including: Sony, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, Diesel, Page Foundry, Baker & Taylor Blio, and Baker & Taylor Axis 360.

Many of you have asked me when the novel would be available in these formats. NOW! Read why this novel has been called, “A whole new genre.”

Here’s what John T. Biggs, the author of Owl Dreams had to say:

THE FIFTH STEP is a natural for me because it is hard to place it in a genre. Christian morality and ethics are woven through the plot and characters, but this is not a traditional piece of Christian fiction. The protagonist, Doug Alcott is a successful corporate minister, a true believer and a pornography addict. He becomes obsessed with young beautiful porn star, Jasmine Cline, who desperately wants to turn her life around. Doug’s wife, Missy, is the product of an abusive childhood and totally enthralled by her husband until she discovers his secret. By that time an old enemy from the porn industry, Roy Stone, has tracked Jasmine down and discovered her strange relationship with Doug Alcott. He kidnaps Missy and Jasmine and vows to expose Doug Alcott’s addiction. Torture, rape, and murder follow. Missy and Jasmine form a bond of survival while Doug Alcott struggles with his guilt. I think Bill Wetterman has invented a brand new genre. This book is filled with external action, internal turmoil, Christian perspective, and sensuality. It doesn’t seem possible to fit that between the covers of a single book, but the author does it.”