My Survival Thriller Is Out!

Catastrophe is coming. It's not if. It's when.

Catastrophe is coming. It’s not if. It’s when.

Yellowstone-A Fall From Grace has been released on Amazon, Kindle, and Create Space. Yellowstone erupts every 600,000 years.That time passed years ago. The United States government isn’t prepared for this disaster or any other–natural or terrorist. When catastrophe occurs, preppers and survival groups with a year’s supply of the necessities live longer than most. Common citizens die by the millions, but not before suffering in a kill-or-be-killed world.

When an ash layer from 100 foot to 10 foot deep spreads up to 1,000 miles from the volcano, leaving ten of our states completely uninhabitable, Mary Kenton, an American Indian, and her survivalist husband, B.K., flee with their friends to their encampment, equipped to wait out the carnage, and emerge to help restore what is left of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the Southern States of America. The danger they face comes from former neighbors, looters, rapists, and migrants fleeing starvation. America’s enemies launch terrorist attacks and form mobs bent on taking control of what’s left of the United States, the world’s largest nuclear power.

Impossible? Think again!  It’s not if. It’s when.

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A Covenant with Death

Spiritual Warfare gets Ugly.

Spiritual Warfare gets Ugly.

A Covenant with Death–The Peacock Trilogy Book 3 reveals the world in the late 21st Century. This Christian dystopian novel finds First Citizen Arthur Pendleton losing the skills that created the Global Realm. His wife, Laverna, aka Peacock, struggles with short-term memory loss due a brain cancer. The enemies of Pendleton created a plan to take control of the Global Realm and a computer capable of running it. The Realm’s salvation needs an intervention by God. None seems forthcoming.

Writing edgy, Christian-concept fiction taxes me on every page. The world’s ugliness invades and muddies the actions of Christian characters, just as it does in the real world. The battle against the sins of the flesh often take the characters on unexpected turns and twists. The only truly good character in my novels is God.

A Covenant with Death–The Peacock Trilogy Book 3 now may be purchased on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle Editions. Published by Wild Side Novels. Novels that stimulate thought. Or you can purchase the paperback on Create Space direct.

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The First Audiobook for the Wild Side

Room_1515_Cover_for_KindleMy first attempt to do an Audiobook is finally out. Published by Audible, it can be purchased through,, and iTunes. I found a reader I liked, Amy Gramour from New Hampshire, and we teamed up on the endeavor. You can download and burn to a CD to listen to in your car. You can listen to it on your iPad. You can listen to a sample on Audible to hear the quality.

This is quite an endeavor for Wild Side Novels. Check it out.

Sinner or Saint – Controversy Rocks On The Wild Side

Global ConquestAs a born-again Christian, I value my walk with God over my walk with people. When I embarked on my writing career, I vowed that the only person in my novels who would always be right was God. To say my writing is dark and edgy is honest. The real world is worse. My writing includes immorality, sexuality, greed, lust, murder, and betrayal. I’ve had interesting reactions from Christians and non-Christians alike. Here I’ll paraphrase.

“I won’t be reviewing your novel, Room 1515. When I got to Chapter 4, your characters got naked in a pool! Uh!” (I wonder if the same person went to see Harry Wilson’s War, starring Tom Hanks.)

“What’s with your cover? I mean it’s GREAT! But I didn’t expect the sexy thing from you.”

Most of my reviewers see the point in my writing.

The love story between Peacock and Arthur was probably
the strength of the book. I longed to continue the book so I could see the
outcome of their relationship. I feel rather unfulfilled in that area, but I
will give no spoilers. I was pleased that we never got an intimate look into
their bedroom. Sex was implied between them and throughout other portions of
the book, but nothing was detailed in that area.

I was also surprised at the relatively low use of profanity in the book. There
was some mild profanity, but it was extremely limited. That made the book a
much more enjoyable read than other books in this genre. It showed me that most
of the time, rampant profanity is not important in advancing a story like this.
If you are looking for a book that is definitely different than anything you
have ever read, you may want to check this book out.

I sometimes identify with Father Andrew Greeley, the Catholic fiction writer who received criticism for some of his novels. Maybe I’m the Father Greeley of the born-again world. I make no apologies for the content of my writing. The real world is worse. My novels carry a theme of repentance in each. No matter how far a person falls, God can raise them up and eventually does.

I think my novels have something for Christian readers and non-Christian reader. After all, we all have a Wild Side. I haven’t had one review on Kindle, Amazon, or Goodreads under a 4 Star. If you read the Bible, and I study it faithfully, God doesn’t pull punches. He tells calls it like it is. Sin is Sin. Murder is murder. Rape is rape. Consequences are dire. In The Fifth Step, rated the novel NC-17 because of the nature of the story. I believe authors owe their readership a warning if the subject deserves one.

How do you feel about this subject?

Conflict and controversy are the cornerstones of great novels. I’m not backing down. Please wade in and comment on my Home Page.

The Fifth Step – A Wild Side Novel



thefifthstepebook (1)“The prostitute reduces you to a loaf of bread, and the adulteress preys on your very life. Can a man take fire in his lap without his clothes being burned?” Proverbs 6:26-27 NIV

Missy Alcott leads a perfect life. Married to a
successful preacher, she plays the role of mother, partner, and lover with submission and detail to duty. However, her dream life collapses when she discovers her husband is addicted to pornography and in an online relationship with porn queen, Jasmine Clyne. Doug Alcott, the preacher, has a wild side. He deludes himself. He never physically cheats on his wife. Watching porn is only a little sin—no harm to anyone but himself. However, when Roy Stone, an enemy of Jasmine’s, abducts his wife and Jasmine for ransom, Doug Alcott’s world collapses. He learns there is no such thing as a little sin as his indiscretion threatens his marriage, his ministry, and his wife’s life.
The Fifth Step is taken from Step 5 of all Twelve Step Programs. Admitted to God, ourselves, and another human being, the exact nature of our wrongs. Missy, Jasmine, and Doug come to that place.