Yellowstone-Social Meltdown

2015-16 Could This Be The Harbinger's Prediction?

2015-16 Could This Be The Harbinger’s Prediction?

The impact of the full force of Yellowstone’s Volcano causes a social meltdown. When the infrastructure collapses the social meltdown begins. Think Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Self-actualization and rational behavior depend upon our basic needs being fulfilled. Without electric power, without the major sources of food supply being available, and with the danger of air and water pollution, Mankind reverts to finding water, food, shelter, and having sex.

People band together into street gangs. And the survival of the fittest occurs. Initially, looting for water, food, and shelter disrupts the social order. Then, people ambush food trucks along the highways. Roads become impassable, and the strongest stockpile what little food and water remains. The weather becomes icy cold. 70 % of the plant life in the Northern Hemisphere struggles to survive. Women become sexual captives and government can’t quell the rioting.

Europe fares better. Only because they haven’t lost a third of their landmass and population. Land travel isn’t interrupted there. But in the States, vigilante rule becomes the norm. Volcanic ejecta clogs the rivers, rerouting some and flooding massive areas. Local governments step up to provide protection, but they aren’t prepared and don’t prevail. An all out war between the haves and the have-nots causes death and destruction as the Yellowstone volcano which still spews poison into the air.

The social meltdown turns America’s eyes inward, as our position in the world falls to a third world status. Then our enemies abroad see their opportunity to exploit our weaknesses.

Today. Not next election. Not by bickering in Congress. Today, America must rebuild our infrastructure. Today, America must stockpile for crisis management. Today, we must act or tomorrow appears hopeless.

Next time: The terrorists strike and who will help.