Tick Tock – A Hard-Boiled Detective Thriller

In my new novel, Tick Tock, Detective William ‘Pop’ Brasher enters the arena of political correctness when actress and Antifa activist, Sage Quinn, is brutally raped and murdered. The killer or killers leave no viable evidence, and as the case unfolds, both left and right wing terrorist plots are slowly uncovered threatening Los Angeles and its peace and security.

I write stories straight out of the headlines. Tick Tock is my first detective thriller. I touch on issues plaguing American society with brutal honesty. Tick Tock is no different. Detective Brasher doesn’t see Black or White, Male or Female, Leftists or Ultraconservatives. He knows the law and tracks down his suspects with no agenda driving him except his oath of office.

If Detective Brasher were to fill out a Facebook profile, he would say his love life is complicated. His partner, Detective Apple Fallon is an alcoholic with no desire to change, and his daughter blames Fallon for the nasty divorce that split her family. So…there is that.

Tick Tock is available to order before its release date of May 15 by going to Amazon and typing in the name Bill Wetterman. The price is $3.99. Be sure to review this novel. Reviews help sales, good or bad, as long as they are honest.

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