Turn Screw-ups into Lessons

Never Act on Impulse.

Never Act on Impulse.

Those who know me understand I am a proud man. I hate when I screw up. I hate it more when I double the screw-ups. This I did with The Literary Murders. My first set of reviews were sparkling. It wasn’t until I asked to swap reviews with an OWFI member I realized I might have a problem. She pointed out a couple of mistakes that caught me off guard. Plus I had just scheduled a free giveaway on Kindle. I pulled out the published paperback and read the first two chapters, nothing major wrong there. So I went to the pages pointed out to me as having errors. They were there plain as life.

Further more, I saw a mistake on the same page she had not mention. I had changed that mistake in the final draft. Why was it there? That’s when I learned an important lesson. Delete your old copies! In My Documents, I had no less than four revisions of the novel. Each with a new set of layering. In error, I selected one of those, thinking I had selected the proof-ready work.

The good news is both Create Space and Kindle Direct allow you to go in and make changes to any of your uploaded works. Before I published the correct, proof-ready file, I re-read it and found eight small mistakes, things like a quotation mark missing, an ed not added to the end of a word. These most likely would not be discovered by the average reader, but still important.

I have republished The Literary Murders  and will have to take my lumps for being stupid. To my friends and fellow writers, this is a lesson to be learned. To those who read my novel and didn’t point these mistakes out, I ask that you do next time. Anyone who has come under the red line critique of Bill Wetterman knows I am ruthless in pointing mistakes out. You will not hurt my feelings. I will be indebted to you.

The revised novel is out with all the screw-ups corrected. Time to buy! I’m sorry. Yes I am a self-promoting sinner.

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