Wars and Rumors of Wars

Christianity Under Fire

Christianity Under Fire

“You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must happened, but that is not yet the end.” Matthew 24:6.

Not only wars and rumors of wars, but famine, earthquakes, and other natural disasters in various places are occurring and will occur. And we will be experiencing them first hand.

With the invention of television and the internet, news travels around the world in seconds, not months or years as in Jesus’ time. Only in recent history has news reached the four corners of the earth with such speed. All cultures, religions, races, and generations can now interpret how events affect them in an instant, and they all perceive them differently.

Jesus says, “. . . See that you are not frightened.”

He wants us to remain calm in the midst of chaos. Now that takes faith. Bombarded today by terror after terror, our tendency is to become numb and hardened to what is happening. Today, close to 1.4 billion people are starving. Diseases like Ebola, Bird Flu, and MERS CO v, hit the news daily spreading fear. Wars in the Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Ukraine are killing thousands. Terrorists are beheading Christians, most recently 11 Coptic Christian childrenĀ in Libya.

The rapid increase of these events and the increase in their severity send signals to each person to make a decision for Christ before it is too late. Christians cannot put our heads in the ground and refuse to see the signs. What was once consider good is now considered evil. What was once considered evil as now considered good. People who have not made a decision to accept Christ need to do so now. Things will not get better.

Next time. The Role of Multiculturalism in America and the Christian World.

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