Waves of Sound – The Classics

Yes. Until my hands stiffened up, I could play the violin.

Yes. Until my hands stiffened up, I could play the violin.

Having played in a symphony orchestra, I am well aware of the difference between the audience’s perception of music and the performers. Within an orchestra, every performance is totally different. Waves of music come from the hearts of the players, and each time something unique happens. I love many types of music–the gift of God to enter the mind of a Mozart, Brahms, or Mahler, long dead and yet for that moment alive and surrounding you.

I’m saddened when I go the symphony or the opera to see mostly gray hairs like myself in the audience. May it never become a lost art.

A scene from the movie Amadeus thrills me most of all. You have Tom Hulce as Mozart lying on his deathbed. Murray Abraham, who plays Antonio Salieri, is writing down the notes as Mozart tries to finish his Requiem Mass before he dies. Waves of music flow through his head. The acting is brilliant, the movie production glorious, and the music divine. Three separate arts being performed together for the benefit of the audience.

How much God loves us to allow us to experience such beauty. How sad we don’t give Him the credit. If you have an opportunity to rent Amadeus, you’ll be blessed with a wonderful experience.

An excerpt from a novel I’m working on entitled, Redeeming Paula.

As Mendelssohn’s 3rd Symphony found its rebirth on the stage of the Masonic Hall, Mark visualized the cliffs of Scotland and the waves beating against shards of rock. A heart beat inside the orchestra. The conductor, performers, and a composer long since dead became one living being. New life poured out into waves of music, a pulsing organism of humanity and sound, like God weaving out the tapestry of creation. Mark almost forgot Paula sat next to him, even though he mindlessly turned pages for her.

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  1. As you already know, Music is a huge part of my world. I LOVE all genres and different songs from different genres move me in different ways depending on where my heart is at the moment.

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