“Without Wise Leadership, a Nation Falls.”

Goldwater was a liberal.

Goldwater was a liberal.

In my last post, I talks about national dishonesty–a moral rot as a people and the consequences. This post tackles leadership and its role in stabilizing a teetering government. Proverbs 29:18 says, Without wise leadership, a nation falls. With many counselors, there is safety. (New Living Translation)

Because of gridlock in Congress and between the three branches of our government. Wise counsel is impossible to find. Sun Tzi believed in bringing all sides together to seek opinions before going to war. He said, “If the people have no incentive to follow, you have lost before you begin. I favor no side in Washington today, because our leadership is ego-centered. This must change for the good of the country.

Scripture also says, “Leadership gains authority and respect when the voiceless poor are treated fairly.” (The Message Translation)

Before you judge me as advocating government entitlements, hear me out. How did Solomon and indeed the Jewish people view poverty? Certainly not as a virtue. Jews were always encouraged to be prosperous. Yet the poor were among them for many reasons. Solomon encouraged work. He provided jobs. He made the Jewish State of Israel to be the richest in the world. Charity was dictated by scholars of the Torah and the Law. It was the obligation of every Jew to provide something for the poor. Philanthropy was important.

Not until the late nineteenth century did public welfare run by the State assume responsibility to provide a minimum standard of living, and I believe wrongly so. Leadership in America has the responsibility to create jobs, stimulate the economy, and grow America’s wealth. The Churches, Synagogues, and wealthy Americans through philanthropic ventures have the obligation to take care of those experiencing pointless suffering. If work is available, no matter what kind, and a person can do that job, they should do it. However, all jobs should have a wage that is enough to keep food on a families table. Hence, I do not object to having a reasonable minimum wage.

To wrap this up, “Good leaders abhor wrongdoing of all kinds. Sound leadership has a moral foundation.” (The Message Translation)

The main criterion for a president, a CEO, or the head of a Church is an honest approach to running their business and an intolerance for dishonesty in any form. If all Americans strive to eliminate poverty around them, the government won’t need to try to regulate the impossible. I welcome your comment. Keep the discussion going.

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