Yellowstone – Terrorists, The Final Blow

The Next Threat to America

The Next Threat to America

The America I see today isn’t the America I was born into. Sadly, my generation is a part of its downfall. Isis radicals give no quarter to the beliefs of others. They are terrorists who offer you these choices: Convert to radical Islam, pay us a tribute to stay, leave, or be beheaded. They commit themselvesĀ to their brand of religion. The America of my father’s would have gone to war to the death to defeat this radical ideology.

Americans of today are ostriches, heads in the sand and no stomach to fight against tyranny. Now consider an America crippled by the Yellowstone Volcano, the failure of our infrastructure, and the breakdown of moral authority. Isis, and other enemies, will leap to deal the final blow. Imagine early in the morning, a terrorist, who crossed the border from Canada without being checked, slips into what is left of the Wall Street District and explodes a dirty bomb. Another walks down Pennsylvania Avenue and explodes another bomb. American leadership and financial prowess disappears in seconds and the world mourns over the fall of the greatest country on the face of the earth.

The sad part is the Yellowstone Volcano isn’t the culprit, our lack of preparedness is. A strong nation with strong principles can survive even a catastrophe like Yellowstone. A strong nation, like America was in World War II, would rise from the ashes and become even stronger. But that nation of the 1940’s believed in God. That nation united around a single purpose. To destroy evil empires and Fascists. I see no will to stand up for our beliefs today. I see no unified beliefs to stand up for. If our government had some, we would not be bickering ourselves into inaction, as we are today.

Sadly, an event such as the eruption of the Yellowstone Volcano will bring America down if we do not change as a people now. Divided we do fall. Fix the infrastructure. Today! Decide what America stands for. Be as passionate about preserving the American way of life, as Isis is about establishing theirs. Or Yellowstone or not, America will fall under the weight of division, greed, and moral decline. We don’t need a Yellowstone to destroy us.

Look for my new novel about the Yellowstone eruption coming out in the Spring of 2015, if we are still around.

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