Yellowstone – Worse Than Iceland’s Volcanoes

Volcanic Ash Covering America. It could happen.

Volcanic Ash Covering America. It could happen.

The last eruption in Yellowstone covered the ground with ejecta hundreds of feet deep at the source and as deep as ten feet as far away as Columbia, Missouri. Imagine living in Lymon, Colorado, when Yellowstone blows. Within hours, heavy ash begins to fall. You try to drive away in your car, but the moving parts clog up after ten minutes or so and the roads become impossible to drive on. Within a day twenty feet of ash covers the entire State.

The air grits up and darkness covers the northern states of America at noon. Even as far away as New York City the sky is dim and the particles in the air are hazardous to your health. You see its free crystalline silicone. The stuff that causes Black Lung. Except you’re receiving a far more lethal dose than a mine worker gets even after 20 years in the mines.

People in the non-ash zones panic. People in the heavy ash zones are dead or dying. Then the looting beings and frantic relatives try to reach loved ones bringing down the electrical grid and leaving the east coast in darkness. Worldwide planes can’t fly. Telecommunications go out, and the top of the ash plume is over 22 miles high afloat over the earth. And this happens on the first day of what could be months of eruptions.

Today’s headlines talk about earthquakes in Iceland predicting volcanic eruptions. The Iceland volcanoes are terrible, but predictable and localized compared to Yellowstone. Yellowstone sits with the bowels of the earth hiding beneath, waiting to vomit out destruction.

For the rest of the world, the panic grows. But that is a topic for the next article. Rioting!

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  1. Do I see an apocalyptic thriller taking shape? You’re dead right about Yellowstone and it is a just matter of time until it erupts. When that happens, it will be the end of civilization as we know it at least in this hemisphere, and it will shepherd in a new ice age that may make us nostalgic for global warming.

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